Colts Pick-Up Castonzo’s 5th-Year Option

Posted on Apr 28 2014 - 9:54pm by Luke Schultheis



(Photo Courtesy of USA Today)- The Colts picking up offensive tackle, Anthony Castonzo's fifth-year option presumably ensures that he will be playing for the horseshoe a little longer.

(Photo Courtesy of USA Today)- The Colts picking up starting left tackle, Anthony Castonzo’s affordable fifth-year option, presumably ensures that he will be playing for the horseshoe a little longer.

In what was seemingly a mere formality, the Indianapolis Colts picked up the fifth-year option on their starting left tackle, Anthony Castonzo. Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star had the initial scoop, and the following was later reported by

Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star reports that the Colts have also jumped the May 3 deadline and exercised their option on left tackle Anthony Castonzo’s contract.

As in most of these cases, it was an easy call for Indy. Castonzo has started every one of the 44 games he’s played for the team since they selected him with the 22nd pick of the 2011 draft and exercising his option gives the team his rights for $8.9 million over the next two seasons, which buys them plenty of time to decide on an extension or another direction to go at a key spot on the offensive line.

It is the first group of draft picks with the fifth-year options available under the CBA and, when all is said and done, it looks like more than half the first-round picks from 2011 will wind up getting them exercised.


Anthony Castonzo’s performance last year was mostly solid, even if it was unspectacular. According to our friends at, he graded out at the 17th best left tackle overall. While the Colts could likely do a bit better, they could certainly do a lot worse given the limited number of quality starting left tackles available throughout the league. With all of the lucrative contracts that are being handed out now in free agency, specifically to left tackles, the Colts picking up Castonzo’s economic fifth-year option was an easy decision to make. It also ensures that he will remain an Indianapolis Colt for the near future.

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