Chuck Pagano: “Piped-in Crowd Noise? An insult.”

Posted on Oct 2 2014 - 11:29am by Luke Schultheis

Colts Fan

While in anticipation of this Sunday’s matchup with the Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium, Ravens’ head coach, John Harbaugh, made a tongue-in-cheek reference that there’s a longstanding rumor that the Colts pipe-in crowd noise:

“Rumor has it, they pipe crowd noise in there,” Harbaugh said Monday. “So, we’ll see if that’s the case or not.”

Whether Harbaugh’s comments were purely in jest, Colts’ head coach Chuck Pagano, Harbaugh’s former defensive coordinator with the Ravens, didn’t take too kindly to the playful banter:

“I think it’s more of an insult to our 12th man, if you will,” Pagano told reporters on Wednesday.  “I think he’s calling out our fans, which I think are the best fans in the National Football League.  So let’s see how our 12th man reacts to that insult.”

Of course, this is nothing new to the Colts and their fans, who have fought off prior accusations from the Patriots, the Steelers, and who could forget, then Jaguars’ head coach Jack Del Rio in December of 2010.

It’s unclear whether John Harbaugh fully thought this one through, but expect a routinely loud Colts’ 12th man to be even louder now, as they cheer with a little extra on Sunday to prove a point. Better bring the earmuffs…



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