LuckAtLuke Launches!

Posted on Mar 29 2014 - 7:14pm by Luke Schultheis


Hi! I’m Luke Schultheis, and I’m excited to announce the launch of An Indianapolis Colts’ fan blog dedicated to the coverage and analysis of  what I consider the greatest football team in the world. For several years, I’ve felt there was a greater need for a blog with the latest Colts’ news, analysis, and unbiased opinion. This is a blog created by the fan, for the fan, with a concentrated effort to incorporate the latest in advanced stats and analytics.

As for my background, I am well acquainted with the city of Indianapolis and a Butler University graduate. I am a huge numbers guy, having a great deal of public accounting experience. However, I’ve also been a lifelong sports’ fan and have prior sports working experience with renowned Indianapolis’ sports organizations, such as the Indiana Sports Corporation (Super Bowl XLVI), Indiana Pacers Sports & Entertainment, 500 Festival, and NCAA. As a potential disclaimer, my opinions are my own.

However, as sports continue to grow with an increased focus towards advanced statistics and sabermetrics, why not combine my love for numbers+sports into something interesting?  Stats. Folks, the game is changing, and sports continue to shift from the good ‘ol boys analysis of ex-player and coaches to an increased shift towards advanced statistics. This gives someone like me the opportunity to not just break down the tape, but to also analyze the numbers, as numbers typically don’t lie.

The mission of this blog is to create an environment with fan friendly Colts’ news, in-depth analysis, and discussion. It’s not about me, but rather the Colts and most importantly…you, the fans! So take your coat off, stay awhile. I hope that you enjoy the amenities of this blog and make it your future home for all things Colts! Thank you and Go Colts!


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