Trent Richardson: “I’m the Colts’ First Round Pick”

Posted on Apr 25 2014 - 3:57pm by Luke Schultheis
(Picture courtesy of Colts' RB Trent Richardson sees himself as the team's first round pick this year.

(Picture courtesy of Colts’ RB Trent Richardson sees himself as the team’s first round pick this year.

With the NFL draft less than two weeks away, the Colts presumably do not have to worry about who to take in the first round, as they surrendered their pick to Cleveland in the Trent Richardson trade. According to Richardson, this year, he is the Colts’ first round pick.

“I think we do have a first-round pick — and that’s me,” Richardson said Wednesday, via “They spent their money on me in the first round. No pressure toward proving to everybody else, just proving to me that I can be the best.”

Richardson’s first partial season (14 games) with the Colts failed to impress, as he rushed for just 2.9 ypc and lost the majority of reps to now San Diego Charger, Donald Brown. With a full training camp under his belt, extended time to study the playbook, and a greater familiarity with his offensive line, Richardson hopes to become the feature back the Colts envisioned when they traded their first round pick for him.

“As far as confidence, man, I can’t wait. There’s a lot that I want to do,” Richardson said, via ProFootballlTalk. “I’ve been playing football my whole life. I never thought it would become a struggle for me. I look back at it and I say, ‘Hey, you’re still the guy, you’re still the Trent Richardson you’ve always been. Just keep your mindset right.'”

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